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Hi everyone, my name is Melinda and this is my journal blog. I’m pretty sure this blog will be filled with veganism thing as it is a big part of my life journey now. I transitioned into veganism early 2020 because of broke-ass college life, but then I searched deeper. I discovered the carbon footprint benefit and the relief, when I finally able to resolve my inability to justify why I judge people who eat dogs, but is totally fine with people who eat chickens and cows; people bond with them and some religions look at these livestocks as sacred too! (Hint: colonialisation and the fear of changing)

Have living in both western and eastern countries, I find that plant-based diet is cheaper than omnivorous diet. This might not be true for everyone (Hi, Scandinavian countries, I see you), but if you have a fridge and invest in cotton produce bags, you can make plant-based diet work for you. Let’s enter this vegan journey together!

Staying true to this blog aim: diary replacement, I will also post about things I read or think about a lot. Can’t wait to share these all with you 🙂

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