Homemade Soygurt + Upping Your (Breakfast Bowl Nutrition) Game

I am on a soygurt run right now! All breakfast shall be accompanied with soygurt covered TVP. It is an easy way to boost protein into your sweet breakfast, I learnt this from fellow woman body-builder in a facebook group. A balancing addition in a sweet breakfast bowl. But everyone knows, yogurt, whatever kind it is, is hella expensive. So I was beyond delighted when Happy Pear released a youtube video on how to make homemade yogurt from store-bought soyghurt starter.

Thank you Happy Pear for bringing vegan quality contents!!

Now, I’m a really kooky person and would not trust myself in creating vegan food which require more than 1 hour “resting” time. These kind of recipes usually require high attention to details and some rocket-science where one mistake going to cost you money and health.

War flashback to 2 kg bags of vital wheat gluten which ended up into bouncy white gummy mess… don’t worry though, they can be repurposed into yummy food 😉 (but that’s for another post)

Now that Happy Pear’s video show that it is possible to create soygurt farm in your small studio apartment, the next question is, is it real? Reading the comments will certainly cast in some doubt and fear…

“it stank” “mine turn green”

“you have to put the jar in the oven first” “alcohol swab”

“Them milk stay liquid throughout”

“Is it suppose to have green and pink colour on it??”

Worry not kids, I did it several time already and it works. So to assist with Happy Pear’s video, here is written recipe and procedure for you to start your non-dairy yogurt empire.


  • 1 Tbsp (or 15 gr) store-bought non-dairy yogurt (plain, greek)
  • 1 cup (250 ml) non-dairy milk (plain)


  1. Sanitise your glass jar and metal spoon using hot soapy water before starting, even if you have cleaned it before. Let dry.
  2. Fill the glass jar with 1 cup of milk, stir in 1 Tbsp of yogurt using the spoon. Cover with lid and put it in warm places: near heater, inside oven (light on, NOT baking), near kitchen counter, and so on.
  3. Let it ferment at least overnight, tip the jar slightly to check consistency. Be patient, it takes at least 12 hours when I put it close to the heater.
  4. Once it is thicken, it should not flow easily when you tilt the jar.
    • Open the jar, taste test (just don’t double dip), let ferment longer if you want it more tangy or put it in your fridge if you find the consistency and flavour fits you already.
    • Add flavourings and sweeteners of your choice only when you no longer want to ferment the milk (yes you can add fruits etc. then putting it in the fridge).


  • Please use the same plant source, e.g. soy yogurt and soy milk; almond yogurt and almond milk.
  • Don’t use the flavoured version (BIG FAT NO for fruity yogurts)
  • I recommend glass jar because it is easy to clean up and sanitise, especially compared to plastic, we really avoid that crevices, pores, and scratches in plastic containers.
  • Wide mouth/ wider jar is better than tall jar, more surface area for the bacteria to do their thing (spread out vs “fighting the current” to top)

Breakfast Bowl Hack

Now, let’s get to the second part: Balancing your breakfast bowl. I LOOOOVE sweet breakfast, it motivates me to leave my bed and start my day in a positive mood. Here’s the problem, sweet –> sugar –> carbs saturated meal. Not that carbs are wrong, I love me some carbs, but it is a problem when your meal is so unbalanced; it is hard for the other macronutrients to catch up. One of the body-builders in a facebook group I’m in posted how she put in TVP into her sweet oatmeal breakfast, and yall, it’s life-changing! Add a little bit of non-dairy milk of choice into your tvp, then generously cover it in cold plant-yogurt. BIG BRAIN THINKING ONLY.

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