Oriental Boeing Bowl of Noodles

serves: 1 bowl | cost: A$2.28

Sticking true to broqué college life, I will definitely put some recipes using ingredients that last a lifetime but sounds fancy. Like this red fermented bean curd I am going to talk about, that cost around $4.00 per jar, because trust me, sauce keeps in fridge for longer than use-by date. just store them properly, okay? If anything, my fridge is filled with several condiments and sauces because I can whip up sumn sumn fancy when I have to and when I feel like to.

This recipe will require you to invest in red fermented bean curd. You can find them in most Southeast and East-Asian supermarket. A word of caution: they are NOT: gochujang, fermented soybean PASTE, nor kimchi. You should be able to kind of see diced tofu inside the jar and they are not spicy!

Fun fact: white fermented bean curd… you mean, plant-based cheese substitute? Apparently some plant-based eaters loooovee white fermented bean curd (though slightly less than churning their own cheeze and whats not :9)

For a meal of one, if you’re just starting, I would put around 10gr (1 lil block + sauce) for each meal, but once you realise you love em and it’s probably the secret behind every “oriental” airport/airplane noodles that you request, double em up for F L A V O U R.

If you search online, you’ll find people use this to make vegetarian bowl, braised beef, and so on. But I hear you, we don’t have that much time and we’re plant-based. Can we have something simple out of it? Ooo hoo hoo, isn’t this your lucky day, my pals. This bowl of noodle will bring you back in time. Flight to or from somewhere in Asia, 9 a.m., “noodle option please” breakfast on your tray, stuck between the blinding bright sky from airplane window and snoring aisle seat guy. You are so not ready to fill in the custom form but also can’t wait to exercise your right to move deez legs. Okay I’m too deep into my imagination now, let’s just have the recipe and get done with this lunch.


40 gr pasta (or noodle)

10-20 gr red fermented bean curd (buy it from brick and mortar asian shop, not online, it’s cheaper there)

100 gr mushroom, cut into bitesize pieces. I like mine a little bit large

3 gr dried seaweed, then soak in water

20 gr zucchini, cut in thick stripes

20 gr diced carrots

.5 tbsp caramelised onion (check Tips & Tricks to DIY)


  1. Cook the pasta according to instruction in the package
  2. Put in red fermented bean curd in a saucepan (on a medium-high heat)
  3. Break or mush the beancurd/tofu to cover the pan. Once the pan is hot, put in 100 gr mushroom.
  4. Let the mushroom soak in the beancurd sauce and soften up.
  5. Once mushroom soften up, put in the cooked pasta and and soaked seaweed. Use your spatula to move them around to avoid burnt pieces, add pasta water to help them stay moist. Only add water if it dries up.
  6. Put in zucchini and diced carrots, mix them up and add slight water to keep them from sticking to the pan.
  7. Turn off the heat, scoop in the pasta/noodle into your bowl. Top it up with caramelised onion. SMELL IT, IT SMELLS AIRPORT FOOD AMIRITE OR WHAT?
  8. Enjoy

Tips & Substitutions

  1. Beside mushroom and red fermented beancurd, all of the vegetables can be substituted depends on what you have in hands. Baby corns, broccoli, and sliced carrots sounds nice, don’t you think?
  2. I use flat mushroom because it offers the highest protein contents and I just love the damn taste.
  3. Have extra peanuts at home? crumble them up and garnish your bowl with it. Trust me, I am Gordon Ramsay. (I am not)
  4. How to make caramelised onion:
    1. 8 gr of butter for every 60 gr of onion. I diced my onion because I like them like bits of taste balls. But you do whatever you wanna do, my dudes.
    2. Heat up the butter on a medium-high heated pan. Put in onion, lower down the heat to a medium-low ish level, then let it cook in there. Stir with spatula occasionally, let it brown down.
    3. The whole process takes at least an hour. Watch your pan! Don’t leave them to watch TLC 90 days fiancee. This is a potential fire hazard, not a bean soaking fest.


Pasta (500 gr)A$ 2.6040 grA$ 0.21
Red Fermented Bean Curd (1 jar 340 gr)A$ 4.0015 grA$ 0.18
Mushroom (100 gr)A$ 1.26100 grA$ 1.26
Seaweed, dried (56 gr)A$ 3.503 grA$ 0.19
Zucchini (1 around 300 gr)A$ 1.4620 grA$ 0.10
Carrots (1 around 60 gr)A$ 0.2110 grA$ 0.04
Onion (1 around 170 gr)A$ 0.5960 grA$ 0.21
Butter (500 gr)A$ 2.908 grA$ 0.05
Cashew (400 gr)A$ 9.003 grA$ 0.07
TotalA$ 2.28

If you can’t tell by now, I love to have small meals throughout the day instead of three large meals. I find myself grabbing snacks every two hours or so and having three large meals a day tend to make me overeat by the end of the night.

(Nutrition facts below is calculated with ingredients described as above + 3 gr of cashew nuts)

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