Oriental Boeing Bowl of Noodles

serves: 1 bowl | cost: A$2.28 Sticking true to broqué college life, I will definitely put some recipes using ingredients that last a lifetime but sounds fancy. Like this red fermented bean curd I am going to talk about, that cost around $4.00 per jar, because trust me, sauce keeps in fridge for longer than use-by date. just store them properly, okay? If anything, my … Continue reading Oriental Boeing Bowl of Noodles

Basic Muffin

serves: 1 muffin, cost: A$0.344/muffin Hello everyone, in today vegan baking/cooking series, I will introduce you to my basic muffin recipe. I was inspired by Nora Cooks’ Cinnamon Sugar Vegan Donut and simplified her recipe furthermore to make it college kid budget and resource friendly. On top of that, this recipe serves 1. Yes, a single muffin for all of you single ladies (and gents, … Continue reading Basic Muffin

Kitchen Basics (for Broke-Ass College Kids)

Hello readers, today I will list down kitchen essentials for all of your cooking and baking needs. I found that these items are relatively cheap and very useful for day to day food prep activities. So let’s gather around and get that to do list ready! Now most important, is that you have working stoves and fridge (or dedicated fridge section) set up already in … Continue reading Kitchen Basics (for Broke-Ass College Kids)